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Ken Clark


Interesting read, keep posting your progress.

It appears that you intend to flatten the formed sides, apply the rivets and then reform the sides, hoping the rivets stay in place.
Did you try applying the rivets to the formed plastic sides and determine it was too difficult?  I've read other modelers using the 
rivet decals as their last step prior to painting, mostly on passenger cars IIRC.

Generally on rectangular tenders without the u-shaped water tank, the fuel bunker slope sheet matches the outside rivet pattern.  
This is true for oil burners as well and helps locate and size the fuel bunker inside the tender.  Given the small size of the prototype
railroad it is quite likely that they would not have custom built locos, but use either a standard design from a builder like Baldwin, 
or from a major affiliated railroad, Southern in this case.  If Southern did the Class 3 repairs on the locos, using Southern plans and
parts in their construction makes sense.  It also means there may be some imported models that can be inspected for ideas about 
detailing and modeling features.

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I don't know if anyone here read the Model Railroad Hobbyist forum, but
this might be of interest. I'm in the process of building a set of five
tenders for my locomotive fleet, and I'm documenting the progress here:

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