Re: [HOsteam] Removing Pins from drivers on Tyco wheels

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I do not have any Tyco steam in my fleet, but what I have usually seen is that the nut is on the inside of the driver. Jabbing with an x-acto or small screwdriver from the back side will be just fine. For putting it back together, I would suggest a 2 part epoxy, keeping the bolt in the nut to have a good reference to keep things straight. When the epoxy sets, unscrew the bolt and put it in from the outside, through the side rods.

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Perhaps you need to 'glue' the outer edge of the nut to the wheel?

How about tooth-pick applied...... 'breakable' Lock-Tite, ordinary super-glue, or 5-minute epoxy ????

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I have a set of drivers from a tyco 0-8-0 that I need to remove the drive arms from.  On two sets of drivers, the nut the the bolt  screws into are spinning when I turn the bolt.  Any ideas of how to stabilize the nut so I can remove the bolt? I thought of jambing an xacto knife blade between the nut and the plastic on the wheel but don't want to damage the wheel.


Any thoughts are appreciated!

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