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I got back to the Athearn Pacific locomotive today and found the problem.
After removing the plastic cover, and opening the metal weigh the motor was in the clear.
Looking at the brass weight I found a plastic universal, something like a Athearn diesel would have.
This was covered with a rubber tube slotted to fit the universal.
The universal had cracked and when I tried to remove it, it fell apart. On closer inspection the universal on the gear housing is also cracked. I suspect the lubrication was the cause. This is the same thing that happened to the gear and early Prototype 2000 locomotives.
Now where to find a universal. Or maybe just a rubber tube like older locomotives had.

Ron Christensen



Cracked gears on both the 4-6-2 and the 2-8-2 were and are very, very common. Even on brand new engines right out of the box.

Sadly, Athearn's response was less than stellar when it come to honouring their warranty. Even though these were the first locomotives of the Genesis line, they ran advertisements a year or so ago touting what they called their first locomotive of the Genesis line, completely ignoring the 4-8-2 and 2-8-2.

I have two each of the 4-6-2s and the 2-8-2 and, with a bit of work, like adding front couplers, balancing the engines to improve tracking, adding weight etc., they did turn out to be sweet running locomotives. However, they've been packed away now going on three years so I'm somewhat concerned over what I will find when I go to convert them to DCC in the future.


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