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Victor Bitleris

Why, I think you are right. I started and stopped it and went back and forth a bunch of times and eventually, I did see that it is an 0-6-0. I must have seen this twenty times. The first driver is pretty much hidden by the crosshead. Thanks for pointing this out. At least an 0-6-0 makes a bit more sense. The way it is filmed, it looks like there is only one car.Regards,
Vic Bitleris
Raleigh, NC

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 20:26:07 +0000
Subject: [HOsteam] Re: NYC 0-4-0

Looks like a 0-6-0 to me.

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your small local shortlines have an express baggage with passenger seats and it is usually only one car so we are not talking about a dinky pulling a cross country passenger train with baggage car, coaches, diner, head end power car, mail car and sleepers,
the South Carolina Railroad Action Museum has an 0-4-0T come in once a year,
with one of the die-sels they pull it to the top of the hill a couple of miles away,
with three passenger coaches,
they cut it loose and it steams into the station with its passenger train
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Hi folks,I just saw this posting and am thinking this is actually a good copy of the prototype.\;34
The model is an AHM 0-4-0 NYC switcher. I never thought much of these, but then I recently saw the 1931 movie, Possessed with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford. It was a really good movie, but that is not what I am writing about. Take a look at the YouTube clip below and tell me if you think that is the same exact engine.
I could not believe an 0-4-0 pulling a passenger train, but then mentioned it to an old-timer (even older then I) and he confirmed that on some short runs in Pennsylvani and New York, the did indeed use these types of 0-4-0's for passenger trains. In any case, I think you will find it a cool video, at least the train part. Regards, Vic Bitleris
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