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Ken Clark

I've got two HO AF Hudsons; standard piston and smoke unit in the boiler like the big S scale ones form the fifties.
Standard AF wiring is tender pickup, so the smoke unit should work with just the tender on the track.
Should be two wires to the smoke unit, the smoke elements do burn out and can be replaced.

Smoke in the tender must make this an early model, vintage 1946 maybe?

As far as AC, AC motors will run on DC, but still need a reversing unit (E-Unit?) to change directions.
If changing the polarity of the DC changes the engine direction, it is DC.

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Any one have an engine with the smoke unit in the tender?

I have one and not sure what to do to get it to function (run, blow smoke).

bought it on ebay ( mistake #1)

seller said it ran on DC. the engine worked but not the smoke unit.
it is in the tender.

some steam engins are AC. I know I had one. ever try to replace the coupler? easier to buy another engine, so I thought.

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