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Ken Clark

Normally I don't disassembled valve gear, but instead remove it intact. PSC and at one time NWSL and Bowser had replacement rivets available to attach the valve gear to the
frame. It's pretty easy to drill out the back of the rivet attaching the valve gear to the frame. On some models the valve gear hanger and the valve gear are a unit and can be removed with a
couple of screws. If you are modifying the valve gear, It might be easier to buy a valve gear kit and assemble it from the kit instead. Adding a set of drivers to an 0-6-0 to make it a 0-8-0 is a
lot harder than turning an 0-8-0 into an 0-6-0; axle and sid rod spacing are crucial.

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Hi there - I normally lurk here, but am getting into a project involving 52" drivers and need some help. Hopefully someone on the list has worked with the Bachman 0-6-0 and taken apart the drivers/axles. I obtained a junk Bachman drive gear and if the drivers are easy enough to use, may obtain another junk model (I'm modelling an 0-8-0). But when I look at the drivers on the model, it lookslike the valve gear is all revited - no obvious screws or nuts. So - does anyone have experience taking these apart and have any advice on how I should go at it?

Thanks in advance,

Rob Kirkham

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