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Ken Clark

Soldering is always easier on unpainted brass, so I strip first. I use resin or rosin flux solder and then use a flux remover after soldering. for final cleaning I use Simple green in an ultrasonic cleaner, rinse then an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning solution, rinse in distilled water and dry in a convection oven set at 165. Paint soon thereafter. I also bake the painted model after each coat again in the convection oven. Convection ovens don't have hot spots from burners or heating coils and allow more precise temperature control.

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Thank you Ken.
The spots I soldered were mostly on the inside or where it was new brass parts. I figured the stripping portion would also attack the glue. Do you strip the clear before detailing? What do you do between the detailing and painting stages to protect the brass from tarnish? This is my first brass paint job and my first complete paint job in at least 20 years.

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