Re: [HOsteam] Did I mess up?

Ken Clark

The clear lacquer would interfere with a good solder bond and should have been removed. Many brass models, particularly early Korean imports, are held together more by the clear coat than by solder. Clear coat and ACC can contaminate the surface for soldering unless removed. Many use lacquer thinner to remove the clear coat. It will also remove your ACC and dissolve most plastic or rubber parts. Use with care, I use sealed containers in a well ventilated area to soak overnight.

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Hi group.
I have started a re-detail project on a Westside K5s pacific. The details I could not solder on cleanly I glued on with thick ACC. Should I have stripped the clear lacquer off first? What is the best way to strip it and with what stripper? Will the stripper be a problem with the glue? Here is a photo album of this project.
This is my first brass painting project.
Thanks a bunch.

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