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Ken Clark

I would just remove the rear driver and side rods. then modify the rear of the frame to mount the trailing truck.
I would leave the rest of the mechanism intact. On a NWSL 70 ton mike the centerline (c/l) of the trailing truck
axle is almost 6 feet behind the flange of the rear driver (8' c/l to c/l). That would mean that the trailing truck on a decapod
converted into a mike would be behind where the rear driver used to be. I don't think you would have to reposition
anything in the mechanism, no changes to cylinder/smokebox alignment or main rod length. And you would have
a spare driver, side rods, and crankpin screw. The pilot on the PFM model resembles a SP road switcher steam pilot; h
however Long Bell had a 100 ton mike with the same pilot. It is a footboard pilot with a small boiler tube pilot in the middle;
the boiler tube section could be easily removed just leaving footboards.

As far as logging mikes the only close to 90 ton brass models I am aware of were the SP Mk-10 (100 tons) and the SP Mk-11
(85 tons) and both with 51" drivers. The NWSL logging mikes were all 70 tons models with 44" drivers.

I have a United 2-10-0 mechanism with nominal 50" drivers that I was told was from a PFM Frisco Decapod. I don't have
a complete model for comparison/verification of the driver size.

The PFM Frisco 2-10-0 was imported 7 years after the Sierra #38, Still I wonder if PFM ever considered downsizing the Sierra
once they started using nominal 51" drivers in other models from the same builder The PFM Sierra #38 models used 57" drivers
which look huge compared to the Decapod drivers. The engine and tender length had to be stretched almost 6 scale feet to
accommodate the oversize drivers and maintain a sense of proportion.

Kenneth R. Clark

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Hey Ken:

Like your idea a lot being a fan of the 90 Ton Logging (Rod) Mike's. They
are out there in Brass, but getting back to your idea, what would you do to
the chassis to get a 2-8-2 from the 2-10-0, just drop one of the driver
sets? Relocate them all???

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