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Ken Clark

When it comes to older models, you have to decide if "Parts are Parts". In many cases someone has made an improvement on the original parts that improves the model's appearance or operation. NWSL for instance has made many replacement gear sets for such models and in most cases has a recommended motor upgrade. Mellor at one time made improved worm and motor sets for some older Mantua models. Helix Humper has a flat can motor with a large flywheel/worm designed for this model as well (Mantua 0-6-0 tank switcher part #160 $31.95). Adding a more efficient motor with a flywheel makes many of these older models operate better than new.

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Have 50+ yr.-old Mantua HO 0-6-0T tank engine, badly in need of TLC. Was hoping someone here may know some sources for genuine parts, so loco can be restored to operating condition [OTHER THAN E-BAY, PLEASE!]. Even an old one for parts, which might help me to restore mine. TTFN & Keep Your Rails Shiny. .....Old Tom aka papasmurf in NH

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