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John Hagen


Go to

The website shows but a protion of what he has in stock. If what you need isn't shown there, email or phone Dan and he will likely have it. He is an Mautua parts dealer for a long time and has just about anything you could ask for on a post-war Mantua product.

He does sell on ebay but that is just one of his marketing methods. There is also a related yardbirdtrains Yahoo group

and an unrelated vintage HO group

both of which are great for anyone interested in vintage HO stuff.

John Hagen

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Have 50+ yr.-old Mantua HO 0-6-0T tank engine, badly in need of TLC. Was hoping someone here may know some sources for genuine parts, so loco can be restored to operating condition [OTHER THAN E-BAY, PLEASE!]. Even an old one for parts, which might help me to restore mine. TTFN & Keep Your Rails Shiny. .....Old Tom aka papasmurf in NH

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