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John Hagen

Yeah Roger but,

Kenneth was referring to a centering spring that would make the pilot truck acually lead the loco into the curve, which is what they are supposed to do. The method of mounting the coupler box and spring he described would not put any down pressure on the truck.

To Kenneth, I can see a possibility of this workong on a two wheel pilot but not really on a four wheel. I think the good old piece of spring wire will do the job and may be easier to do.

John Hagen

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What do you think? Is it useful? I think that a centering device on a
truck is rather handy, and might improve the operation through curves
and turnouts. Is it practical? Looking at a few of my models, there
seems to be room, but it would be tight.
First thing I do on all steam locomotives is to remove all springs etc.
designed to keep the truck(s) on the track.

With decently laid track, trucks don't need any springs. Besides, simple
physics states that for every action, there's and equal and opposite
reaction. So, for the amount the spring(s) push down, they also push
upwards, taking a little of the loco's weight from the drivers. Removing
springs results in trucks still tracking well and the loco being able to
pull a couple of more freight cars.

So, no! I don't think it would be useful. Quite the opposite in fact. :-)

Roger Traviss

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