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I can think of another example of oversized steamers.

The PFM and AHM brass Milwaukee Road 4-6-4 steamers look very much alike. However the AHM's are said to be 10-percent oversized .

While that knowledge might have been better known 40-50 years ago. I think most people don't know that the models are actually that different.

There are a lot more oversized models that most people aren't aware of. Like the S-scale 2-6-0's [Porters] that are sold as HO.

I believe that a project of detailing those model errors would be a welcomed resource for a great many model railroaders.

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Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On May 15, 2010, at 3:11 AM, John H wrote:

No reason to admonish anyone for informing someone on factual matters. While many members of a particular group may be aware of something such as this (I wasn't, BTW) any group that is healthy is adding members on a regular basis. These new members may very be newer people to the hobby and are LOOKING for such information.

Frankly I think you were doing a service when mentioning this.

John Hagen

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Recently I was admonished on another group when I informed a modeler that a particular steam locomotive was seriously oversized and that he could have potential problems using protypically correct structures and facilties in his layout design.

I host a website where I list models for sale, historical photos of Shasta Springs Resort, and repowering guides for brass models. Is there a need for a web page listing HO Steam models that are significantly out of scale? Or perhaps that have a significant deficiency that might reduce their value to a potential buyer? As an example, the Alco Models SP Mt-2s had very bad gearboxes, making them poor runners, installing a better gearbox makes them exceptional runners. Is such inforamtion useful?

ken clark

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