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Jon Miller <atsf@...>

A little later I acquired a Sierra #38 and happened to notice that it was as big as the #201. Slowly the facts and observations were pieced together and Irealized something was wrong. The Sierra tender should be the same size as the #201's but was actually bigger. Finally I measured the #38s drivers, nominally 56/57 scale inches, however the #201 had 51" drivers. The protypes had the same size drivers. The PFM model used drivers that were at least 10% oversize and the builder simply expanded the rest of the model to accomodate. For other prototypes I've found that driver size off by a couple of inches, or driver spacing expanded to accomodate oversized flanges, can ruin a model's appearance and value to me. Thus the ethical dilemna, should I tell potential buyers or just assume, "That everyone knows..."

Also note that the PFM ATSF 4-6-4 was over-sized. Just put it next to one of the later Key versions and see the extreme difference. Of course it's very much cheaper in price than the Key versions.

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