Re: A few photos of my locomotives

Ken Robbins

Rod, the pieces of brass at the ends of the small dia. wire are sections of the Hobbytown-type universals, the balls and cups of which are press-fitted onto the shafts.

The ball on the loco end is a slide-fit on the square brass, while the red ball on the motor shaft is a snug-fit.

To drill the holes in the center of the square (3/32" / 2.4mm) brass, I made up a heavy-walled brass tube with an inside diameter that the square just slides into. A screw through the side of the tube holds it there and the sleeve is then chucked up in my lathe and the hole drilled.

The wire (which may in fact be piano wire rather than music wire - in any event it is straight and strong) is then inserted in the brass and soldered using a liquid acid flux (the only flux that seems to work for me on steel). I use a low flame from a propane torch to heat the joint uniformly and draw the solder deep into the brass.

Hope this helps.


Ken Robbins

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