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Thomas Beutel <Thomas.Beutel@...>

Hi Ashley,

From what I know, they are as follows:

0-6-0 S-8
4-6-0 T-28
2-8-0 C-3

The 2-8-0 has drivers that are way too large (62" vs. 57"), but otherwise
they are good representations. I've built the 0-6-0 and 4-6-0 before MDC
made their latest round of improvements, and they run fine. Now with can
motors and nickel-plated wheels, I understand that they run even better.

As always, care in construction goes a long way to making a well running
loco. The advice that I here from many kit builders is to test the
free-rolling-ness of the drivers at every step (before the motor is in).
They should roll absolutely without a hitch when given a slight nudge on a
plate glass surface. Any hitches should be uncovered and dealt with before
completing the model.

Good luck and have fun!

Thomas Beutel
San Francisco

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Does anybody know how accurate the SP steam engines are that MDC sell?

In particular:


The Walthers catalogue indicate they come lettered for the Espee, with vandy
tenders on the latter two.

Also, how easy are they to put together to run well?
Ashley Rachel Pollard

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