Re: [HOsteam] Vintage 1960's Athearn 4-6-2

Mike Rosz

I did not know Athearn had a 4-6-2 back in the 60's.

But in the 60's I was still into my American Flyer 4-6-2

Pennsy in S gauge, with link couplers.

I came into HO after my Navy years in the early 70's.

I had a friend in grammar school who was HO deisel passenger.

and I had freight. Got my starter set, then a second car then

Flyer went to knuckle couplers, and I did not convert.

At that time I was not aware of the USED market, where

I could have gotten some passenger cars, one would have been enough

with a baggage car.

How I also have S AND HO and buying USED you should hear then.

"------------- - ---- ---------- ---"

All because of some Greengerg book. I you do not offer more than

Greenberg's price forget it. And I am not refering to The Idiots

on e-bay. Well I just had to tell some one, hope you did not mind.

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