Re: [HOsteam] Vintage 1960's Athearn 4-6-2


Here are the specs for that motor.... [note the 12-vt version]

I bought a slew of these a while back........

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

On Jul 30, 2008, at 1:16 PM, Victor Bitleris wrote:

Here is a 20x33 for about $15.00 including shipping, but the guy also has a 20x24, which should work.

good luck and regards, Vic Bitleris
Raleigh, NC

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 17:55:29 +0000
Subject: [HOsteam] Vintage 1960's Athearn 4-6-2

I am repowering a 1960's 4-6-2. I am looking for a motor of an

approxmaite size of 20x28. I will be installing DCC. Can anyone

suggest the most powerful motor for this size factor?



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