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In general.......

Any freight truck that -didn't- have roller bearings would be in your era.

Stay away from the Allied equalized types, for they were 30's-W-II era. You also have to stay away from the more complex cast passenger trucks of the high-speed types. Those are mid-1930's and newer.

You can still use arch-bar trucks, since those weren't outlawed until the mid-30's as best I can recall.

As to all the different makes of trucks. Those are just different designs, many of which came about to be major improvements on the arch-bars' unfortunate tendencies to snap it's sidebars and fall apart while under speed once they got old enough. Also to be higher speed designs than the arch-bars.

You'll see that several cast side freight trucks have obviously bolted on journal bearing boxes. Many of those were designed as semi- kits where the railroad could unbolt the wheel/axle/bearing assembly of the arch bar trucks and bolt them into the new cast side frame trucks.

By the 20's, arch-bars were being phased out in favor of the newer and stronger cast types of freight trucks. They would still be in use, but generally on only older cars, company service cars, and branch-line railroads.

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On Oct 8, 2006, at 2:42 AM, Sam wrote:

At the store I see numerous types of trucks for rolling stock:
Andrews, Arch Bar, Bettendorf, Roller Bearing, Vulcan, etc. What type
of cars were these used on, and what time periods are they appropriate
for? It's really confusing when confronted with all the choices.

I'm relatively new at this and am trying to model the steam era in HO,
during the 1920's.

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