Re: [HOsteam] Old subject, new question


I've seen it done in an article on the Y6b......... quite a while ago.

As I recall......... the fellow used a separate can motor for each 'power bogie'

I have two of the Y6b's I'd like to do the same with........

I saw a Cab-Forward at a swap meet a couple of months ago and wanted to bring her home, re-power her and slap a mini-cam in the cab for a really nice view of the rails......... But I grabbed other things I had been looking for.......

I hope I find one and take it home soon.

I've got a bag of surplus motors that will contribute a couple for each Y6b in the near future.

Best to ya'
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee Wi, USA

On Sep 15, 2006, at 10:40 AM, George Pavlisko wrote:

I looked and the only reference was in 2000.
The question is who has REPOWERED the following Rivarossi locos?
Y6b and the Cab Forward. Want to go to DSS in these and with current
draws up over 1.8 amps stalled I almose need a "G" scale decoder.
Both are 1970's NEW in the box.
If I am wasting my time they will go on the display tracks.
Thank you

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