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I don't have the engine, but your problems are rather generic.

Kadee has had the coupler conversion charts on their website in the past. Perhaps it is still there? They were always updating it.

As for the tender shorts..... make certain the mount screws aren't too loose. That would allow the truck to tip too much and would be one cause. Check to see of one of the contacts is twisted and likely to contact the tender bottom or bolster, creating the short. I'm one for taking a digital multimeter to an electrical problem [good ones cost as little as $4, I've got a few of those] and twisting and turning the truck until you duplicate the shorting positions. Then it's a matter of increasing clearance -there-. Maybe it's a minor bit of over-looked casting flash that can be cleaned off. Maybe it's the flat floor of the tender that needs a scrap of insulating plastic to prevent the shorting... I like something like very thin drafting film or package window stock for that chore, and a good epoxy or rubber- based adhesive.

Perhaps you need smaller flanged wheels to stop the shorting. It all depends upon what you find is causing the shorts.

This reminds me....... I have a couple of dozen of old steamer flanges over several lokies to machine down to RP-25..........

Best to ya'
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Milwaukee Wi, USA

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Hello once again everyone

I have just rejoined this group after an absence of a couple
years I think it is.
I recently purchased a Trix mikado. There does not seem to be
too much in the files on this engine. I wonder if someone can advise me
about a couple of issues with this unit. What is the correct Kadee
coupler for the pilot of the loco? I believe it has a NEM coupler
pocket and there is a specific Kadee for this pocket. The tender trucks
occasionally seem to create short circuits on turnouts - I believe it is
related to the pick-up shoes. What would be the remedy for this
Would some of you who have this engine care to offer opinions
about the locomotive? I have only had it for a couple of days and to me
it seems like one of the better mass produced HO steam engines.
Thank you

I don't know the engine, but I can give you a couple of thoughts. Rail
head sliders for pickup shoes can cause problems in gapped areas. If I add
pickups they are generally on the back side of driving wheels if at all
possible. I have altered railhead sliders to a lower profile and narrow surface, but
this requires the trackwork to be better. Besides railhead sliders reduce a
locos tractive effort, while wipers on driver tires do not. the far south and west...

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