Re: [HOsteam] Remotor Kit for Mantua Pacific

Tom Knowles <ncstl@...>

Geez, David, sorry you didn't get the gearbox. In my opinion, this is the
key part. At any rate, it's still retro-fittable, but you may decide to
loose the Supplied Mantua motor mount and move the motor back into the
firebox, where it will hide. If you look closely at the catalog, there are
parts break-downs of "Mikado With Power-Drive", or Pacific, or Hudson..
There will be P/N's for all the parts you need to build a gearbox. Don't
bother getting the longer self-tapping screws (for the top of the box), they
are almost impossible to get in fully and sometimes break off! The short
ones work fine. Get extra thrust washers so you can set the end play in the
box more accurately. The less play, the better, but the worm shaft should
turn smoothly when assembled. Finally, the application of an A-line flywheel
to the motor will set this engine on a par with the best.

The post about the current draw and clean wheels is true. Even the largest
motors have such low draw (the limiting factor being wheel-slip) that your
cleaning sessions will become a special event instead of regular tedium.
I'll bet the draw will be on the order of 100 mA at 12v, wheels slipping.

I have put out a new web site, incomplete as yet but there are some pix you
might like (no Mantuas yet) .Try and let me know
what you think. You'll be one of the first!


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