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Arved Grass <a_grass@...>

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000 20:23:45 -0700, "Tom Knowles" <ncstl@...> wrote:

I think you are safe with the cab-forward, though I don't have any protoype
deminsions to verify either the 85 footers, or the Esspee engine. My
calibrated HO scale eyes tell me it doesn't matter. They look about right to
That's what I've thought, but you never know. I've never seen it mentioned, even in the reviews of the updated locos.

Then, on Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 00:36:46 -0700, "Leonello Pesce" <pesce@...> added:

Yes, all the American prototype production was made to scale, or almost.
The only thing wrong with the cab forward is the smaller wheels, to
compensate for the large flanges. When the current production came out,
Rivarossi lost an opportunity to right that, and kept the smaller wheels,
but now with smaller flanges (I think RP25). The spacing between the
wheels is to scale (AFAIK).
Yeah, I knew about the compromised wheels for the "Pizza Cutters" as well. Any ideas on closer to scale drivers for these beasts? I've only got one of the older models, but eventually, I'd like a couple more of the newer ones. Compared to the way plastic diesel prices are going, mail order cab-forwards are looking cheap again. Might be best to buy some before Rivarossi decides they can up the price because the market can bear it :-(.

Ah well, have a great weekend folks (or, what's left of it for you, Nelson :-) )!

- Arved
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