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I think we are OK, Arved, but I need to get out my plans and check!

My understanding is that it was the European outline models that were made
to a compromise scale but I'm willing to be corrected. I have wondered why
the RR heavyweights are bigger than the Bachmann ones. I have not found
definitive answers on that one (e.g. from PLANS).

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No, in the 50's Rivarossi made most if not all equipment to OO scale,
which is not 1/87. I am not sure if OO is 1/72, but Rivarossi made most
of their stuff at 1/80 (roughly).
Tell me this doesn't include the cab forward. Please tell me it doesn't.
Lie to me if you have to. No, wait, OK, don't lie, let me down gently,

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