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Where did you get the works to make the chuff sound?
Don Lewis....

Don,I work as an electronics repairman, so cobbled together a ckt. with sound generator, amplifier, bridge rectifier ICs and a couple of caps. it's all mounted on one of those long/skinny IC sockets and wrapped in tape. The pickup is just a switch (a piece of .020" brass wire)that rubs on the back of one driver. There are semi-circles of epoxy "in the way" 4 times per rev. that break the ground. Another wire rubs the opposite wheel to counter-balance the force. Both wires are soldered to a piece of ckt. bd. that is held on by one of the bottom frame retainer screws. The volume is dependant on track voltage, so gets louder as the engine works harder. Total cost, mebbe 10 bucks.
All the circuitry and speaker are mounted in the tender, and the sound is "interesting", but not real good...too tinny because of the 1" speakers I have to use in HO scale. I even use specially shaped film cannisters, cut down, to "help" the sound but it needs more help than that! Also,As it turns out the can motors in my steamers are so good they'll start the loco moving (running light)before there's any volume. My next version will fix this.. I'll tell you though that the effect is fun, and looks/sounds good on video tape! Double-headers are a blast (no pun intended). The best part is you don't have to always be staring at your engine to know what it's doing and where it is!



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