Re: Converting a Riv. 4-6-2 drive

cl_piglet <cl_piglet@...>

Thank you for your reply. One time I tried grinding down the flanges
of a locomotive with my Dremel, while running the engine up-side
down,in a vice. Is there a better way? I do not have a lathe or
milling machine. Thanks.

--- In, Mike Bauers <mwbauers55@w...> wrote:
If you like the looks of the unit outside of the flanges, and it
pulls quite well for you....

Then consider re-tooling the flanges.

On Jun 28, 2005, at 3:22 PM, cl_piglet wrote:

Hello, I have purchased a Rivarossi Heavy 4-6-2 at a flea
market. It
has over 2 dozen added on brass detail parts and the work was
done by
a master. All that the person I bought it from could say about
it was,
that it was a special engine modified at the factory. Anyway, in
end it is still a Rivarossi... deep flanges, plastic drivers,
trucks. Does anyone have any experience in converting one of
these to
a Bowser drive? Any other suggestions would be appreciated also.

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