Re: IHC Premier Series 2-8-0 Consolidation

David Boyd <DRGWBoyd@...>

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Has anyone tackled this engine from a superdetailing standpoint?
While I have not done my Consolidation as of yet, I did superdetail
my Pacific. The first thing I did was remove the boiler and grind
away all the molded on piping details. Then I used 600 grit sandpaper
to get a smooth finish. You will also need to strip the finish off.
After I had a bare boiler, I started adding the details. Injectors,
check valves, generator, new bell and whistle, ect. I also made new
cooling coils out of brass wire and attached them with CA. Does it
match a specific prototype? No, but it sure looks good all painted
and weathered at the front of a period passenger consist and runs
super to boot. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!!!!

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