Re: [[HOsteam] Re: Starter topic: new steam locos from Bachmann and Athearn]

Brad Bourbina <bbbourbina@...>

The Bachmann Mountain will be MOPAC??????? WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay...I'll try to contain my excitement...does the Bachmann website have a
picture of the upcoming Mountain? First Athearn...which from what I have
seen, that 2-8-2 will look great, to the new Bachmann Consolidation, which a
friend of mine purchased today (an undec. no less), the Mopac is getting
wonderful recognition in the reasonably-priced steam category, which is great
to see.

Brad Bourbina

I see the Bachmann 4-8-2 will be available as a NC&StL as well as a MoP. I'm
sure I'll select one of those two roads if I get one of the Mountains.

Look forward to the list discussion.

St Louis

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