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To start this list off I would like someone to clarify the of found
cionfusion with the term "Mallet" and specifically the differences between
simple and compound mallets.
Best regards
That might send us scurrying for our reference books. I was 'taught' (by
whom I can't remember) that a Mallet was, by definition a compound. I've
just reached up for my large Collins' dictionary and it says "Chiefly US -
a very large powerful steam locomotive with a conventional boiler but with
two separate articulated engine units". No mention of 'compound' but I
think the definition is suspect anyway because I know of a 2-4-4-2
(compound) Mallet preserved here in NZ which is neither very large nor very
powerful. In fact, it is downright cute.

Nelson Kennedy, Christchurch, New Zealand
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