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Subject: Re: [HOsteam] Hello I'm new, Loco regear
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 11:57:05 EDT

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<< determining motor RPMs >>
For HOn3, motor RPM may be the most limiting factor for engine speed. In
brass models almost all of the manufacturers seem to have used a gear ratio
of around 28:1.
Hi Ken - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Good advice. I, however, have in my posession a Precision Scale K-28 sent to me for repair. The problem is this individual aquired it sans motor, gear box, motor mount, axel pillow block covers, draw bar, etc. I am requested to come up with a smooth running engine. Also missing are several little screws and rivets. I was supplied with a NWSL #146.6, 28:1 gear box and a minimotor gear head motor which I think has a 400 something RPM. One could perhaps senic a small railroad in the time this loco would make one trip around the layout. I think I will return the locomotive. The gear box will have to be replaced. It can be mounted with a little milling to clear chassis cross members. The motor is much too slow and large to fit. This is all in addition to making numerous small parts. I guess if it were my own I would make the effort. Thanks, however, for the advice and input.

Regards from Les Grenz & the
Queen City of the Rockies.

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