Re: [HOsteam] Hello I'm new, Loco regear

marshall <zephyr03@...>

Les Grenz wrote:

Greetings - I am new to this list. I model Colorado loosely in HOn3.
I do some loco repair primarily for myself. I would like to know if
anyone can refer me to a source for determining motor RPMs, gear
ratios, mph, etc. when remotoring. I see a lot of information in the
NWSL catalog but not specific formulas. Help anyone.
Take the motor RPM. Any gear set you are considering will have a fixed
(and usually listed) ratio such as 1:31 or 1:17. Divide the motor RPM
by the ratio (i.e. 17000 divided by 31) to get driver RPM. Multiply
your selected driver diameter by pi (3.1415926etc) to get travel per RPM
in inches. Multiply the travel distance by 720 (12" x 60 min.) to get
miles per RPM. Multiply that by the peak motor RPM and you have the top
speed of the remotored/regeared locomotive in scale miles per hour.


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