SP GS3/6, 4-6-0's etc.

Thomas Beutel <Thomas.Beutel@...>

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the GS3/6 correction. You also make a good point about 4-6-0's.
The Bowser and MDC 4-6-0's are SP flavored but need a lot of work to bring
them close to a prototype class. In addition to SP 4-6-0's, the Northwestern
Pacific had a number of smaller 4-6-0's (mostly ALCOs I believe) that would
make nice models.

I've often pondered what it would take to develop the dies for a 4-6-0 SP
class T-28 for example, in association with Bowser or MDC. In their catalog,
Bowser even states that they are willing to work with people on developing
new models. While wishing for plastic versions of SP steam is fun, I think
the practical matter is that only the universally "popular" models (GS4, Cab
Forward) will ever be made in plastic. It will take a Bowser-Pennsy like
manufacturer to supply the SP crowd. (And MDC is so close, if they would
just upgrade those boilers...)

(Too bad making model dies isn't like software. Then we could just develop
it Open Source and distribute it on the Internet ;-)

Thomas Beutel
San Francisco

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From: kenrclark@aol.com

"Another candidate would be the GS3 and
GS6. They are essentially the same, with variations in the skirting and
appliances. "

Actually not even close, the GS-3 is essentially the same as the GS-4,
boiler, drivers (80"), cylinders, etc. The cosmetic differences are the cab
and boiler front.
The SP GS-6 and the WP GS64s are copies of the earlier, smaller GS-1 and
GS-2 classes, engines with 73 inch drivers, with an all weather cab (like
the GS-4).
It is interesting to speculate on what the next "quality Plastic" steamer
should be. Almost as common as the consolidations, for an equally long
period were the Ten Wheelers. A nice size for any layout, I like SP but what
would be the best prototype 4-6-0 for a P2K model?

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