Re: [HOsteam] Future of the "plastic" steam models.

Thomas Beutel <Thomas.Beutel@...>

Hi Leo,

I would love to see a P2K/Roco GS4!!! Another candidate would be the GS3 and
GS6. They are essentially the same, with variations in the skirting and
appliances. You have pre-war Daylight lettering (small lettering in upper
band), post-war lettering (large lettering), black, and don't forget Western

Perhaps with some creative die work, the whole GS2/3/4/5/6 series could be
represented. Just make them strong enough to pull a long train! ;-)

BTW, speaking of plastic steam, does anyone know when the Bachmann 2-10-0
will be out?


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Subject: [HOsteam] Future of the "plastic" steam models.

From: Leo Pesce <>

Hello all,

I have been away for a while from all the latest news about new and
products. So I will ask here.

Is there any information on the new P2K engine?

Due to a high visibility being known to the world, would you say a P2K/Roco
GS4 (Southern Pacific Northern 4-8-4 in Daylight, American Freedom, San
and Black Commuter) would not be out of the question?

Here is an engine that can take four color schemes, not many can say the
From a manufacturer point of view, as steam engines are concerned, this is
great. Except for the USRAs, most engines are always very railroad specific
in looks, appliances and colors. Of course a lot of them have the so called
"Fantasy Schemes", but that should be relegated to the toy section, not to
$100-200 engines.

Any comments?


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