JimF <jandb@...>

Mine was one of the last msgs posted in Feb., re: the MDC HOn3 2-8-0.
One msg followed that, then nothing till yesterday, Mar. 12. I believe
the Onelist/eGroup merger took place during that time. Maybe possible
that a msg or 2 got dropped in the great e void?

Also, earlier in Feb I asked about the Bachmann 2-8-0 (Spec.) being
appropriate for 1930. General consensus of replies is that it's
appropriate. Thanks to those who replied.


Casey Sterbenz wrote:

From: "Casey Sterbenz" <>


I've not seen anything recently either, like since the end of February. I
just looked at the archives and the last message there is one I remember
getting back then.

Seems like HO Steam really is a quiet list - 258 messages since the list
started last year. On the O-Trains list I'm on there are often 50 messages
in a weekend.

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