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Bob Yarger <ryarger@...>

Is it possible that the Baldwin, Alco and Lima versions had slight
variations? I think a lot of the USRA dimensions have come from drawings of
B&O 4500, which had a different cab at least, and maybe other parts also.

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i got a new 2-8-2 today at the train local shop. has anyone else
noticed the tender looks funny on it if you put it next to any other
2-8-2???? <<<<<


I've commented on this before - the Genesis tender seems to be based on
an early prototype version of the USRA tender with an admixture of
invention and over use of inaccurate drawings. It has a taller and
longer collar to the coal space than production USRA tenders - the
Spectrum tender is much closer. In all other respects it's pretty good,
and some lines (Frisco and Southern for example) modified some tenders
so that they ended up looking very much like the Genesis model

I don't know where this oversized collar crept in, but a number of 70's
brass models suffer from the same problem.


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