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Hi guys,

Yep, a quiet list. About as quiet as a gentle wisp of steam from a
slightly leaky gland on a hot summers day. It never has generated a lot of
traffic. I have wondered if that is a bad thing and decided it's not! I'd
rather have the occasional quality post than a lot of 'pap' to wade through.
Every now and then someone comes up with a good question and usually finds
an answer.

As for the list being down, I can't rule out the possibility. The merger
of eGroups and Onelist has shown up in a little flakiness in the last couple
of weeks on other lists I am on. Some messages have been delivered to some
members and not to others. Very strange. Fingers crossed that it will all
be 'business as usual' before long.

Maybe you could do me a favour and let me know if you have not received this
post. :-) :-)

Hey, great pictures of the Ken Kider Porter Mogul on the files section.
Good to see that feature being used. Here's a quick click to one of the


Nelson Kennedy (list 'owner')
Christchurch, New Zealand
Ferrymead Trams, NZR 0 gauge, a little Espee H0 are at
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