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Ken Clark wrote:

"Since this a KTM model, I would stick with KTM gears/driver sets.
At most NMRA conventions (and O Scale West) the inventory of
replacement parts that came from Vince Waterman's 'Trackside
Specialties' are on display. Somewhere in the mass of jumbled papers
resulting from my recent move, there is the new address and company
name, seems they periodically advertise in MR."

I'm sorry that this reply is so late, but I've had some difficulty
receiving list traffic. i.e. I've got none since I signed up,
despite confirming that I'm a member of the list, and scheduled to
recieve the digest version. I'm forced to read the digest at the
one-list website, evidently.

Ken, your response is MOST encouraging. In fact, I'd looked at my
WSM AC-4 (4-8-8-2 for the non-SP modelers on the list), and they
looked very promising.

If you (or anyone else) comes accross Mr. Waterman's new address and
company name, I'd be indebted.

The nickel plating kit that was suggested is a good one. I'll be
looking for it. I have some other projects (not train related) that
I could use this for. I happened to have a J.C. Whitney catalog, and
they have plating kits for many metals, including gold, silver, and
nickel. Except for the gold :-), they're all fairly reasonably
priced - much less than what I had expected to send the drivers out
to be plated.

Are you changing your suggestion that I go with a NWSL gear drive? I
read the above that you're suggesting I go with KTM replacement
gears. Although this model has lasted 30 years (and the gearbox
started showing signs of wear 10 years ago), I'm not looking forward
to tinkering with this model any more than I absolutely have to. I'd
rather tinker with something else :-). My primary concern is for a
smooth drive, with longevity a very close second.

Someone mentioned steel wheels - I've never complained about going to
nickel silver wheels on Athearn engines. Even with the nickel silver
wheels, they seem to out pull similar locomotives from other
manufacturers that have nickel silver wheels. Pure adhesion isn't a
real factor for most modelers, even in a club environment. A little
extra weight compensates nicely. However, I'll agree that adhesion
is an issue with steam models. It's a lot harder to get the weight
of most steam engines up so that they can pull. Super-weighting a
steam locomotive is an art form all to itself.

Thinking ahead a bit, I'd like to do this same driver treatment to my
Sunset models MT-4 and -5 (4-8-2s). The model is shipped with spoked
drivers, and most MTs had universal main drivers by the 1950s. I can
probably find loco's to model that didn't have the main driver
replaced, but then they wouldn't be typical of the time. Any
suggestions for the Sunset models?

Thanks to everyone,
- Arved
From just a little too close to CSX milepost 666, Sanford subdivision
Modeling the Southern Pacific from AC-4s to AC4400CWs.

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