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<< Could anybody here point me to information on the Web ( or elsewhere
) on backhead details for a ( small ) steam engine ? >>
A good start would be to find a current Precision Scale Company (PSC)
catalog for HO Parts and Locomotives. In the past they had a cab interior
set for small steam (0-4-0 to 2-8-0s) part # 3714. However the C-16 cab kit
(HOn3) # 3702 is for possibly a smaller engine. You did not specify if the
engine was wood, coal or oil burning, the details will vary some according to
fuel used. PSC also did a kit for an HOn3 0-6-0 which was very,very small
coal burner. I don't know about current availability of these parts
(formerly kits were $30-$40) but I would check the caboose hobbies in denver
website, e-mail them, they have a PSC part inventory in many ways better
than the company. Note the new Walthers catalogs do not attempt to list all
the PSC parts, that's why the catalog is so useful.

good luck, ken

thanks for the pointer. I will do as you suggested and contact
Caboose Hobbies.

BTW the engine is oil burning. This leads to another question. Where
would they put the oil tank on a tank engine ? I suppose inside the
cab, right ? Would it be a rectangular box on one side of the cab or
what ? Where would the the filling hatch be ? I forgot to mention that
the engine is a small Davenport 0-4-0 switcher.

Gr��e / Regards


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