Re: [HOsteam] Steam ?


Pete Brown wrote:
NWSL also makes powered trucks.
I have to look at other than $90 power trucks for this unit.

There are other self-powered trucks that are much less expensive........

I've been in the hobby for quite a while now and speaking from experience as
well as handling a lot of different model designs over the years; the very
low drive shaft of the HobbyTown drive will make the building of an
articulated model much more reliable than the high drive gear mounts of the
Athearn trucks. Much tighter track radius's can be moved through if the two
pairs of articulated trucks are on a low sub-frame with a moderately low
center pivot point.

The kicker is that HobbyTown of Boston already has most of the different
diesel power trucks available and even the low platform front trucks can
easily be powered with a common pivot point above and between the pairs of
closely linked trucks.

You can bolt them to the bottom of the platform, pivot the platform on the
underside of the body, and power the trucks with gear tower on the ends of
the pairs of trucks, oriented to the center of the first body............. or from a
universal drive shaft from the end tower of either set of trucks.

I'd love to make a set or two of these Nukes.........

Best to Ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, WI, USA

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