Re: [HOsteam] Steam ?


Pete Brown wrote:
I was thinking that very thing :-)
My reflections on the model made me conclude that building a mech around the HobbyTown drive trucks would be the way to go. It gives you a very low drive shaft for the geared trucks.

As to the proposed prototype, I've been told it would be very difficult to keep those 10,000 tiny internal tubes open. Otherwise everything else reads as quite possible.

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From: David Forsyth [] Imagine what could be done using todays modeling standards and materials,
this would be a scratch builders paradise and stump the bejeezes out of
everyone. Watch out for a 1/87th scale environmental disaster if it were to
derail into our casting resin rivers!
Curious, does anyone know what became of the model? How serious a project
was this?
Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi, USA

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