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You could try a NYC/Rutland G-34[] class consolidation.

DWB seventeen feet
TWB twenty five feet and nine inches
B/S 22.5 by 30 inches
piston valve Stephenson valve gear
DD sixty three inches
LTD thirty inches

The varney/bowser old lady consolidation is close with the following

DWB 17'-9"
TWB 27'-11"
DD 62"
LTD 33 OR 30"

Theres an excellent article regarding constructing styrene locomotives
titled 'The locomotive You Wanted But Couldn't Get' It's in the October 1974
Model Railroader, page 40. It was written by
Monte Hoffmann. If you don't have access to the magazine email me privately.

It describes building a boiler up from a plastic tube to the proper profile
with .010 sheet styrene. it also talks about turning domes and such with an
electric drill, making cabs and tenders out out styrene.

You might find the following website useful. It's a shroud calculator for
model rocketry. It can also be used to create sections of tapered boilers on
steam locomotives as per the techniques in the Hoffmann article.

Eric Soencksen
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