Casey Sterbenz

I have an old Varney 2-8-0 that I'd like to rebuild into something typical
of a 1890-1920 era locomotive used in the northeast. I researched my MRR
back issues and came up with an article about using the mechanism with a
wood-dowel boiler (remember those wonderful "Kitchen Table Locomotive"
articles from the '50s?) to resemble a Ma & Pa locomotive. That's the sort
of conversion I have in mind, although I'll likely roll a boiler from sheet
or find a suitable length of copper pipe rather than use wood. I've been
looking around for a suitable prototype but can find nothing with 63"
drivers other than the very heavy Reading and PRR prototypes. I generally
follow LIRR practice so I'm leaning toward a camelback type, but something
with a conventional boiler/cab arrangement would suit me just as well. Most
of the drawings I find are of engines with drivers in the 51" to 56"
diameter range. Does anyone out there know of a prototype 2-8-0 with
drivers in the 60-65" range other than Reading or PRR?

Casey Sterbenz
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