Re: [HOsteam] Fw: Rookie

David Boyd

Tom, I believe I got most of it! I am fortunate to be focusing mainly on L&N
operations on the Memphis route from Bowling Green, Ky. to Guthrie, Ky.,
They, like me, ran no two engines alike, just whatever they could find. They
built a few units, but no two were alike! Our club historian says I can run
any thing that says L&N! I'll go with that and I can please myself! I haven't
got the belt sander, yet, but I believe I could do that with what I have. I
just got a parts list from a seller on ebay for replacement mantua parts. It
lists some pertinent parts for us. Parts By Paul, <A HREF=""></A> You
may ready have it, but he was very accommodating to me. I don't have any of
the gear boxes, and I've ran out of replacement motors that will fit without
grinding. I have a problem paying thirty bucks a hit, I'll have to shop some
more! Thanks for the tip, really great. David

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