Re: [HOsteam] Fw: Rockie

David Boyd

Tom, I don't have much junk to work from, yet! Nor do I know of that much,
for that matter. I certainly would like to learn of more ways to dress up my
mantuas. I have done a light body conversion with a mantua pacific. I've used
the gear reduction setup that was in an old MR mag. It's a bit noisy but
nobody's katos or atlas's can low speed with these. I did have to do quite a
bit of grinding for that system. I found a motor on ebay last year, just got
around to toying with it a month ago or so, with direct drive and stock worm,
it performs very well. Not quite as slow, but very good take off control
through scale top speed about 65mph (mikado). Any tips, greatly appreciated.
Thanks, David

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