Re: P2K Y-3 2-8-8-2

Chris Shinn <cnshinn@...>

You might check to see if some of the siderods/valvegear aren't
striking each other with each revolution.

It could also be the power pickups. I don't know what the P2K 2-8-8-2
uses for pickups, but the Bachmann Spectrum 4-8-2 has small brass
wipers that rub the backside of the tires. I had one that was slightly
bent and was rubbing against the spokes of the drivers.

It might also simply go away as the loco is run in...

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| From: Leo Pesce <leo@sco.COM>
| The store I work for part time, finally got one of the P2K articulateds.
| Wow! It is smooth as silk, the details are impecable, it even has a small
| momentum when you shut off the throttle. I agree completely to the
| comment made about being "a plastic brass".
| One thing: there is a clicking noise while it is moving, very regular,
| per revolution, either way, and it seems to be diminishing as time and
| running goes by (it is the demonstrator for the store). Anybody has any
| comment on this noise? We thought it may be a cam for a (possibly future)
| sound system.
| Cheers
| Leo

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