Re: [HOsteam] Rivarossi question


Tom Knowles wrote:
Hey, Ya'll'
Does anybody know if the current revision of drive wheels/axles for Riv
engines will retrofit old ones? I wanna change out the drivers on an old
Pacific and a Y6b so they'll operate on code 70. Years ago I turned the
driver's flanges on a Berk using a file, emery paper and the engines own
power. Of course this wore it out so badly as to render it unuseable. I do
not want to do this with these two engines, nor do I have a lathe to do them
on. Seems like replacing is the solution, unless someone else has a bright
Know of a good way to ship them?

I have a lathe and several AHM engines in need of the same fix. It's time I did the same with mine, like I did with several quite a while ago.

If you'd like, I could trim yours as well. My favorite method is to first turn down the flange to height and then re-profile the raw stub to a contoured shape. [I discovered a long time ago that just running a powered Dremel cut-off disk into the blank end of a lathe cutter makes a really nice notch that has a smooth arc on both sides that looks just perfect for trimming a square profiled flange to a smoothly convex profile.] I've gotten a lot of use from that finish cutter.

I've sort of gathered a lot of AHM from swaps and the like over the last few years that need 'the treatment' I gave to my first several. It's time I got that done.

Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi, USA

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