Re: [HOsteam] 21' ore cars


mike wrote:

Thanks Mike,

At 38ft the 1476 are a bit long. Do you know what MDC 1401, 1402 series
21ft ore cars look like? I tried just changing the number in the URL
but it didn't work :<{
I think they look like this 'G' scale one.......

I made a quick and dirty clipped version of the first MDC hopper image to show what it would be like with one panel removed and the car shortened. Maybe this is what you're thinking of...........


Mike Bauers wrote:

mike wrote:

Can you be more specific, links to images, product numbers, etc. ??

Chris Shinn wrote:

Those look similar to some available from Roundhouse/MDC, IIRC...

Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, USA

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