Re: What steam engines have you detailed/kitbashed/scratchbuilt?

marshall <zephyr03@...>

About 25 years ago, I stripped an AHM USRA 0-6-0, re-equipped it with
the valve gear & "small" flanges, and redetailed it as CB&Q G-5 class
506. This entailed mounting Cary cuckoo clock headlights front and
rear, trimming the tender siderails flat and insetting the coal boards.
The most necessary touch - the characteristic Burlington "flatface"
smokebox front - was done by sawing the smokebox hatch, dogs & hinges
off the original front, and then rivet-impressing a flat disc of ABS on
which I centered the original hatch.

Finishing up was just a batch of brass trinkets & lots of wire for
piping, and the firehose box under the running board. Unfortunately,
Champion decals were the only ones available then, so the tender herald
was all wrong - but aside from that, it looked pretty good.

Now, I've re-stripped it. I intend to switch to a can motor, and
convert it to a G-5A. This will require a scratchbuilt tender,
scratchbuilt cab, derby sand domes and different piping arrangements.
Now, I'll be able to use Microscale's Early CB$Q Diesel Switcher
heralds, which are also correct for all smaller Burlington steamers.

Is this what we call recycling?


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