Re: [HOsteam] Spectrum 2-8-0


Rick C Shoup wrote:

Mike ever try to take a Spectrum 2-8-0 apart?
Being careful it will take about 15 minutes to get
boiler shell off. Then the guts are not revealed.
All is 2 halfs of weight just like N-scale with motor
buried under the weight. I stopped at this point because why bother? Cost me $6 to ship and $10
Sounds like you had it licked at that point.

I tend to recall a line from 'Moon Trap' at times like
this. "We don't take no shit from a machine!"


for a new one. Weathering is so easy I was delighted
to have a new loco to play with.
Yup, always a winner to have that moment.

Question: What style light would be a good backup light for the 2-8-0?
A lot depends upon what sort of light you like and
if your engine has an electric generator.

For short term backup service, I like the smaller
Pyle type of housing on a generator equipped lokie,

Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, USA

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