Re: LL P2K 2-8-8-2

Thomas Beutel <Thomas.Beutel@...>

I would have to wonder about the reason for this. I can't see any benefit
for LifeLike subcontracting Roco for the initial run, unless Roco has some
expertise that the Chinese subcontractors don't have, which I think is
unlikely. (my $0.02 ;-)

Any ETA on the 2-8-8-2?

By the way, do LifeLike and Bachmann subcontract to the same factory(s) in
China, or do they have captive lines? Just curious.

Thomas Beutel
San Francisco

Rumor has it that while the initial run was done by Roco, subsequent
engines may be coming from China. If this is true, then the limited edition
first run will
be unique, and possibly more valuable.<<

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